She’s crafty






So as you’ve noticed, I’m crafty ……
I started sewing by hand as a little girl. I would use scraps of fabric from my mom’s sewing basket to make dresses for my Barbie dolls. In middle school, I took Sewing and home ec and learned how to sew from a pattern. By high school I was pretty good at simple patterns. As an adult, I’ve made some pretty important pieces that were simple but meant a lot to me.
I learned to knit and crochet out of pure boredom. I had been laid off from a job working in property management and was living waaaay off from friends and family. So to kill time, I watched a lot of tv. I was watching some talk show and the topic that day was about modern women finding their inner domesticated goddesses. One segment was about people returning to old fashion hand crafts and how yarn crafts were really popular amongst urban Gen X’ers. So after watching my peers talking about learning or teaching themselves to knit and crochet at 30 years old. I figured, what the heck, I’ve got nothing but free time on my hands. So I ran on up to Walmart but one each of the teach yourself to knit and crochet. Within a week, I could make a hat or scarf from either technique. I tended to favor knitting more at the time because it was easier (You only need to know two stitches) and I knew other crocheters but no knitters personally. I tend to go back and forth on which technique I favor. While knitting is easier, crochet is quicker. I’ve made hats, scarves, and bags. I’ve only, this past winter, began to sell these items and I appreciate each person who bought because whether they know it or not, that money helped me through some rough patches. It’s sucks to be unemployed, especially when the economy is as sick as it is. Anyway I am always looking for patterns and techniques that will take my skills to the next level and look forward to seeing how much I learn!


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