Me???? A vegetarian???


Yes, I’m a struggling vegetarian. I’ve been battling my love of unhealthy eating for at least three years. And its been an uphill battle. I’ve fasted from meat doing the Daniel Fast, twice. But just a few weeks. In January 2010, my goal, with my husband, was to refrain from eating meat for 6 months. He was successful, I caved after about four months. I’ll blame stress and work fatigue ….that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Just after Thanksgiving of 2010 we decided to try again, this time going for a whole year …..I’m allowing myself to eat fish.  and back in February, I ate meat daily for a week because I was nannying for my sister’s kids and it was just too complicated to come up with separate vegetarian meals just for me.
I’ve contemplated being vegan and a raw foodist, but I feel like that’s all just a bit much right now. So I’m just going to take it one meal at a time. I find that I’m struggling more with sweets and carbs more so than meat. And I’m struggling with eating more vegetables and fruits. I’m still eating a lot of really unhealthy foods, and simple removing the meat portion. I know it’s going to take time to unlearn this eating habits that I’ve developed over the past 34 years and that I need to be patient with myself. The picture on this page is from the first time I did a Daniel fast. I bought all of that food for under $40 and it was enough for like two weeks or something. I kept it around as inspiration and it was kinda pretty with all those colors.


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