Come and get your soul food….






Soul food changed my life….
My dad was a cook in the Army and is trained culinary artist. He caters for parties and wedding receptions. My mom is a great southern cook. She talks about learning to bake bread for her family as just a little girls. She can make buttermilk biscuits and sweet cornbread, from feel, with out measuring a thing and they come out perfect every time.
Now that I’ve given your a little history on them, I can better explain my love of food and eating. Food has forever been a very big deal in family and life. I love cooking as much as I love eating. If it weren’t for some amazing DNA, I probably would’ve been a bbw a long time ago.
Anyway with all the cooking that went on around me as I was growing up, other than baking, I never really cooked until I was grown, like well into my twenties. Turns out you can learn by osmosis, because I turned out to be a pretty good cook. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my fair share of humorous disasters but for the most part, I’m pretty bad ass in the kitchen. And I’m a hardcore Foodie!! I love being in my kitchen, using my gadgets and creating edible love. I not only love cooking but baking too. I like trying to recreate my parents masterpieces and trying Paula Dean’s too. I subscribe to several recipe website and have all kinds of cookbooks. All this love of food and cooking is probably why my transition to vegetarianism is so difficult yet intriguing. While I miss my meat, I love exploring the web for creative non meat interpretations of many of my favorite dishes.
Some of my favorite websites are:


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