Brown sugar scrub

I pampered myself a lil bit today. I was inspired by my Facebook “On this day” post, I came across an old recipe for a diy sugar scrub that I’d pinned. So because I had all ingredients on hand I gave it a shot. And it did not disappoint. I got it from this blog
Basically you mix brown sugar, raw sugar and coconut oil  (melted) and store it in a sealed container. I chose a little Mason jar I had leftover from some pears my mother had canned. ( I’ll share that in another post. Those pears are definitely blog worthy.) 

I could hardly wait until I could get into the shower today and try it. First of all, it smells like heaven. And, don’t judge me but, it tastes pretty good too. 

Y’all it made my skin feel like butter! And I didn’t even need to apply lotion after my shower as normal. My jeans slid right over my thighs. I think I’m in love y’all. I even used it, gently, on my face. It’s even better on chapped lips. It’s good stuff and the best thing is it’s all natural stuff that you probably already have in the pantry. I’m going to try some of the other recipes from her blog.  

I forgot to take a picture of the melted coconut oil. I was simultaneously feeding my kids, so I was distracted. 

So there you have it! Try it. Let me know how much love it too. 


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