1Thing. This is what my husband said to me and it got me to thinking. He said that while I’m trying to find myself, instead of trying to figure out some deeply complicated thing, just concentrate on 1Thing. He says I have a way with words. That I like to talk, listen, read, write. And he’s right. I love a good story. I love talking. I even prefer NPR talk radio to popular music radio stations. So I have been thinking about this 1Thing and the word “WORD” I wanted to figure out the one word that continuously keep popping up in my mind and that one word, that 1Thing is “ME”! I need to work on me. Mind, body and spirit.

For my mind, I’m seeking therapy and there’s no shame in that for me.We need to erase the stigma associated with seeking mental healthcare in the African American community. Y’all, get some help. It won’t hurt. For my body, I weigh 173.5 lbs, the most I’ve ever weighed in my entire life….even through two pregnancies. I want to start lifting weight. I don’t mind the weight, but I want to be strong and for my body to be tight and fit. I want 6 pack abs again. And for my spirit, well my spirit is actually alright for the first time in forever. My spirit is free. I feel good about this 1Thing. It reminds me of Amerie’s Song, which always makes me feel good. It’s a great groove, great lyrics and a great video. She has legs for days. I can’t be that tall but I can feel that good about myself again. 2005. I went natural that year, got fired for the first and only time in my life. I was 28 years old with no idea of what the future would lead.

In the decade that followed, I ended one relationship and found the love of my life. Stopped working outside the home. Got married and had two beautiful and brilliant brown baby girls. I have seen some incredibly highs and endured some nearly unbearable lows but I’m still ME! And I am looking forward to what ME has in store this year. My 39th year. I’ve always had big things happen in years that end with 9. Good and Bad, but important big things. I wonder what it’ll be this year. Stay tuned.




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