I’m Not Impressed and I’m Not Beat: A Rant on the Spectacle of Monique Pressley


Exactly when are we gonna get over our fascination that there happens to be an attractive Black woman who can say smart words with good timing, so that we can remain focused on the fact that Bill Cosby been raping folks?

Even people who were in the right side last week are now focused on the awe of this woman who’s nothing more than a smart marketing tool by his management team. They waved a shiny ball that evidently people don’t think existed as is implied by folks’ reactions, and these fools fell right for it.

She is doing her job. At which she is phenomenal. For which she is well paid. She is token. She is a good marketing strategy and power move made by a management team that is now well seasoned and established. However, I’m not one to be mentally manipulated by simple good marketing. At no…

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