Mini Win Celebration: My TastyKakes Minis Review

My daughters (Riley & Zara) and I celebrated surviving the first day back to school for Riley. We have a MAJOR change in our routine and we survived it!! We celebrated by trying out Tastykake’s new Minis! We received the new TastyKake’s Reese’s Peanut Butter mini cupcakes from Influenster for free to review and give an honest opinion. I really liked them more than I thought I would. The mini cupcakes were soft and fresh. The peanut butter to chocolate ratio was pretty good. I don’t like too much peanut butter and I think they got this right. My kids were an easy sell, kids love cupcakes!  You can find out more about the product and see the other varieties that they offer by going to or

20150930_122908 20150930_122854 20150930_122839 20150930_122824 20150930_122811 20150930_122742 20150930_122711 20150930_122529


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