30 Day Blog Challenge Day 12: Bullet Point your Whole Day

long ass

Today went like this….Let’s start at midnight for shits and giggles

12:00am I’m still awake. RIO is awake from having taken a late nap. She’s 3 and should’ve been asleep for at least 3 hours right?? ZOO is also awake for a feeding. No surprise there, she 8 months. She’ll go back to sleep pretty easily. SO is on his way home from work.

1:00am I’m still awake. RIO is still awake. SO is home. ZOO is asleep and I’m watching reruns of HIMYM on Netflix and dozing. RIO and SO hangout in the Kitchen.

2:00am I’m asleep. ZOO is thankfully still asleep. RIO and SO are still hanging out, He’s charting out music, she’s happy to keep him company.

3:00 I feel RIO climb into bed and snuggle up to me and fall sleep with old phone playing something; either a cartoon on Netflix or a game.

4:00-7:00 Solid, uninterrupted sleep! Yay me!!

Somewhere between 7:00am-8:00am ZOO awakes to nurse and goes back to sleep.

9:00am sleep

10:00am – 11:00am I awaken to SO getting ready to leave for work. ZOO awakens too. She gets to give daddy kisses before he leaves and she up and energized. I want to go back to sleep, Just a lil nap for a half an hour or so before RIO wakes up for the day. RIO is still knocked out. ZOO is wired and ready to play, so we play in bed and try not to wake RIO. ZOO won’t go back down.

Noon: ZOO starts to wind down a bit. She gives me a blow out. I change her. We continue to play and hangout in bed. I’m lazy and have no agenda today. it’s cool.  ZOO nurses and we finally doze off again

1:00pm We wake up at some point. All three of us. We change diapers and go to the potty and get dressed for the day.

2:00pm We’re in the kitchen to eat lunch and start dinner.

3:00pm I shampoo the girls’ hair and take on the task of taming curls and braiding ponytails.

4:00pm ZOO is out for a nap and I set RIO down to some ABCmouse and I have some girl talk on the phone with one of my girlfriends.

5:00pm RIO watches kiddie movies. I do social media, check email, etc.

6:00pm Eat dinner. Clean up dishes. Hangs out in kitchen listening to Audio book , while the girls play.

7:00pm Talk to my sister on the phone. The girls continue to play in the room.

8:00pm RIO is on ABCmouse again. I talk to my mom on the phone and start braids on a dozing RIO, while ZOO plays

9:00 RIO has fallen to sleep pretty solidly. SO comes homes, plays with ZOO while I attempt to finish braids on RIO’s hair.

10:00pm RIO is awake (gonna be a long night) and is not onboard with me finishing her hair while she’s awake. ZOO has fallen asleep though.

11:00pm RIO is watching Thumbalina on Netflix, I’m watching HIMYM and writing this blog, SO is trying to go to sleep and ZOO is up nursing.

Some days we go the park. Some days we run errands all day. Sadly, there is no schedule or routine. We’re rarely all asleep by a decent hour.

Yep, you should envy me and my fabulous lifestyle!


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