30 Day Blog Challenge Day 11: Put your iPod on Shuffle. Write Down the First 10 Songs.

Full disclosure, my iPod’s been dead for probably nearly a year….I’ll have to plug it and see if it works…..

Ok so I can’t find the cord to plug her in for charging so… I have my entire music collection backed up on my Google Play Music account and will have to modify the rules.

Different software and device, but the same shuffle applies, here it goes:

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 6.25.57 PMAnd because modern technology has made me too lazy to type, Enjoy the screenshot! LOL Enjoy.

Whew nothing embarrassing showed up!! The best thing about this entry is that it allowed me a rare opportunity to sit and listen to some music. I miss music and just kinda having music playing in the background of my life. I don’t really have time or conditions favorable to doing that very much lately. Soon, though, soon I’ll be back on top of it!


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