How to Make a Nursing Necklace


Fabric that is at least 45″ long and 4″ wide

Necklace Cord

25mm wooden beads

Coordinating thread

Sewing Machine


Measuring tape



1. Launder your fabric. I used a pretty piece of remnant but an old pair of girls tights or a quilting  fat quarter would work. I’ve even seen some use a generous length of ribbon.
2.  Cut the fabric  to measure  45″ long and 4″ wide. I used a measuring tape but any ruler will do and a seam gauge would work best.

measuring tape
3. Fold the short ends over, right sides together, about 1/2″ and stitch about 1/4″. This will create a nice finished edge.


4. Fold your fabric in half the long way with right sides facing. Stitch a 1/4″ seam allowance. Then stitch again at 3/8″  seam allowance.  Do at least two rows of stitching for added security.  Trim the excess edges.


5. You should have a tube into which your wooden beads will fit. Before inserting your beads, turn your tube so that the right side is facing out.


6. If you’re using ribbon, string it through the tube now, you’ll be stringing the ribbon through each bead as you add them to the tube.
7. Insert your first bead into your tube until it reaches the center. Tie a knot in the fabric on each side of the bead. Then add a bead on each side of the center bead, then tie the fabric on the outside of each bead. Continue adding balls , tying knots in between each bead.


8. Before adding the final two beads at the ends, you need attach your necklace cord. (If you’re using ribbon, you’ll just add your final two beads on the end, tie the ends of the fabric and leave your ribbon ends free to tie behind your neck. Be sure to cut the ends at angle so that they do not unravel.)
9. For the type of cords that I used,  I used two, I strung the bead to the center of the cord before inserting it into the tube leaving the fasteners free. Then tied the fabric into a final knot that secured the cord as well. Do the same on both ends.

10 . Finally enjoy wearing a pretty and trendy accessory that is ok for your teething baby to gnaw on. And when needed, toss in the laundry to wash and let air dry.


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