Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies for Valentine’s Day


I came across this really delicious looking cookie recipe and had to have it! It’s from the blog, “Sally’s Baking Addiction”. It’s probably the easiest recipe I’ve followed in a long time, so easy in fact, that basically my 3-year-old made these. All I did was measure out the ingredients for her, cracked the eggs, line pans with parchment and putting them in and out of the oven. She did all of the pouring, mixing, stirring and dropped the cookies on the pan. ( I washed the dishes afterwards….)

They are soft batch style made from a cake mix base. I used Pillsbury Strawberry cake mix and Hershey’s Semi-sweet chocolate chips. The original recipe called for a Duncan Hines mix, and I would normally preferred that brand but the store that I was in only had the Pillsbury.

Anyway, they turned out pretty darn good. They are soft and chewy! The chips are all melty (is that even a word?) and gooey. They are really pretty in pink with the chocolate-brown chips. They are rich in flavor, the strawberry and the chocolate flavors are strong and distinct. They smelled heavenly while baking.

I definitely give them a thumbs up and recommend them if you’re looking for something fun to try. The cookies would be great for a shower or a pot luck dessert. I don’t know if I’d used them for a bake sale or something large-scale unless you modify the recipe to produce more. The recipe yields two dozen, I think we near 20 large (palm sized) cookies. Bear in mind that my three-year determined the size, so with some careful measuring, you could probably get twenty-four or more.


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