30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 4 Discuss your Views on Religion

This is difficult because I don’t hold traditional views anymore. I think most organized religion is headed or rather leading most people in the wrong direction.  Religion has become for profit (and I’m not talking about keeping the lights on). Your salvation can be bought.
Not really but preachers and other religious leaders would have you think it could be. If not with actual currency then with good thoughts and good behavior. They sell you a dream that if pay the right amount, act a certain way you have eternal happiness.  ….When you die. Meanwhile if life here on earth sucks for you….it’s ok, heaven will be better. And if you’ll just ask and believe all the wrong you’ve done will be forgiven and you can be guilt free. And they wonder why depressed people commit suicide. Anyway I digress.
There used to be a time when your local church was a place for celebration and unity, comfort and support. Not so much now. Many people don’t go to churches in their own community. They don’t go to small local churches. They want to go to the big church that’s on TV every Sunday morning with that charismatic preacher that speaks so powerfully. The church that won’t help them in their time of need…unless your part of the inner circle. The church where the pastor is too busy to officiate your nuptials or bless you baby at a dedication ceremony.

Many religious leaders are not concerned with your salvation or spiritual well-being or even your mental health. Their ego and bank account are their main concern first and foremost. Then if helping you, somehow gives them a little shine, then they’ll do it….as long is there’s someone there to see it and congratulate them for it.

That’s just how I feel. I actually started writing this entry a few weeks ago and I didn’t publish it because I was concerned about the backlash I might face…after all these are just my opinions but someone will take it as a personal attack on them and their faith. And that’s fine. I invite you to share stories that contradict my opinions. I challenge you to change my mind.


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