This time, three years ago, I was on hospital bed rest threatening preterm labor with my oldest daughter. My husband  I had no visitors that day. All we had was each other.
Of course I recognize that only my world stopped when I was hospitalized and that everyone else’s lives went on as normal, uninterrupted.
This was interesting time for me and I learned a ton about myself and others.
In the years since, I’ve had more difficult times and I’ve had some great joys. 
I’m obviously grateful for those great joys; my two daughters being the greatest of those joys.  Surprisingly,  I’m grateful for the difficult times too. You see,  with every challenging time, I learned even more about myself and even more about the people in my life.
Difficult times highlight both the very best in people and the very worst. 
In three years,  I have a very clear understanding of who has my back and who doesn’t.  For some people, it was no surprise. … For others,  it was devastating.  But I healed from the hurt feelings, and learned to lower my expectations. I learned that sometimes people don’t live up to their titles as friends and family.
The best and most important thing I learned is that my best friends are ride or die and come through on time every time. And my family,  I couldn’t have asked for any better.  They come through without having to ask. These people are absolutely priceless and irreplaceable and I’m eternally thankful for them.  As for everyone else, I’m grateful to know exactly where I stand and what I’m worth to them.
So when asked what I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving,  I say the difficult times that showed me how strong I can be and how much the people who love me really do love me.
I’m going to eat seconds now. I hope you enjoyed your families and celebrations as much as I have….Happy Thanksgiving 2014.


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