30 Day Blog Challenge : Day 3 What are your top five pet peeves?

1. Being ignored.
This has to be my biggest complaint in the world.  I absolutely hate when people don’t listen to me when I am speaking directly to them. It’s one thing to not hear me or not realize that I’m talking to you. But when we are having an actual back and forth conversation and at some point you consciously decide to tune me out for whatever reason,  it genuinely pisses me off.
Or when people nearly run me down walking,  as if I’m not even standing or walking there. I have been nine months pregnant,  working the self check register at the grocery store and have grown men bump right into and nearly knock me over….and not stop to apologize or see if I’m alright.  Just kept zooming by on their merry way. I could see if I was short and small, standing behind something.  But I’m 5’5″ was easily 160 lbs with a watermelon size belly…IN FRONT OF A SELF CHECKOUT MACHINE! Standing next to a huge shopping cart with a kid in it. How the hell you not see me???? Vent over….

2. Blissful ignorance.
This actually saddens me. I love knowledge. I know everyone is not a nerd like me but how can you learn some correct information and still spread the wrong information. For me, it’s hard to unknow or ignore something new that I’ve learned. Usually if I learn something that’s particularly useful I try to share it with everyone who’s willing to hear.
I just think as humans, the more we know the better we can for ourselves and each other.

3. When someone asks me “what happened? ” and we both just saw the exact same thing.
The pet peeve is related directly to watching TV or movies. There’s no way I’m paying $10 to see a movie and not pay attention or fall asleep. And I know everyone comprehends differently but nothing is more annoying than watching a scene and have someone who just watched the exact same scene, interrupt the movie dialog by asking me what happened or even worse, what’s going to happen next……
I just prefer to see most movies by myself now.
4. Going out to eat with picky eaters.
This is the second thing I like doing alone thanks to other people ruining the experience for me. If you have that many special requests, just cook for yourself and stay home. Don’t piss off the chef and get my food spit into too. I can allow for allergies and certain dislikes but if you have to dissect the entire entrée and have it rebuilt…. BYE JUST BYE. This clearly ain’t the restaurant for you.
5. Bandwagon riders.
This goes for sports fans and Facebook activism. Don’t just like the falcons when their winning, love em when their losing too.
And taking a selfie in hoodie with a hashtag doesn’t make you a civil rights hero. Next week you’ll be on to the next hashtag. Also, take the time to research an issue or candidate before you choose. Don’t just do what everyone else is doing. Do what’s best for you….and stand proud in your truth.


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