30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 2 Where would you like to be in 10 years?

I hate this question. I never know how to answer. I bs my way through an answer for a job interview by staying really general in response. But for this blog post, I’ll try to dig deep and come up with a genuine response.

First let me say that if I had been asked this question in November of 2004, the answer that I would have given back then would in no way resemble the life that I am actually living. That’s both good and bad. The bad; I still haven’t finished my undergrad degree, I don’t have a dream job, I don’t own a house. The good; I am married to a wonderful man, I have two adorable little girls, I’m a stay at home mom.

Ok, so seeing as things in my life never ever go as planned or predicted, I’ll try to be realistic about what my life will look like in ten years.

The absolutes: My husband and I will be 48, so close to 50 years old. Our girls will be turning 10 and 13 (eeeek!! the teen years lol)

The Ideal: We’ll own a home, We will have figured out a way to manage multiply streams of income, We will be vegetarians and in the best shape and health of our lives. Our girls will have been homeschooled for years and will be years ahead of their peers academically. As a family, we will be global, often living outside of the US at least half of the time.

The reality: We may own, we may rent. At least one of us will be working. My girls will want to try public school, I’ll let them. I’ll still eat meat and basically be in the same physical shape, no better, no worse. We will travel for vacations every few years.

I know my reality seems a little blah but I when I get all dreamy, I get my hopes up and things don’t go that way, I end up severely disappointed. So if I aim for a real reality, anything more is a bonus!


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