Birth story #2: Zara Olivia O.

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At my 39 weeks appointment, my doctor and I spoke about induction on the day after my due date because my husband was leaving the country for a job for six months and we wanted to sure that he could meet the baby! So that was plan, but we all know how plans go….
So this appointment when she checked me, we discovered that I was fully effaced, the baby was fully engaged and I was 3-4 cm dilated. So she went ahead and stripped my membranes to encourage what was already in progress.

Well that was a Monday afternoon, and I had some pretty good cramping that evening nothing to be concerned about.
By Tuesday morning, I’d began losing my mucus plug and lost pieces all day Wednesday and Thursday. Early Friday morning, I had a few contractions that woke me from my sleep but they stopped and I felt nothing else for the entire day. By that evening, I had a crazy urge to pee like every thirty minutes. And I had the urge to go number two as well but I wasn’t getting any results. This went on for hours. Finally around 2am, I was able to drift off to sleep.  At about 4am I woke up to pee, and when I came back to bed I had three REAL contractions about three minutes apart. and told my husband that I thought we’d better get prepared. I wanted to pee again before I got dressed, while on the toilet I pee’d and when I wiped, I had a tissue full of blood. Then I had the strong urge to go number two, not even realizing how closely I was to delivering, I gave into the urge and simultaneously had a contraction while emptying my bowels. Immediately after that, I got nauseous and got sick. The second time I threw up, my water broke. I remember thinking, ” it’s supposed to be clear, like before with my older daughter” but with the chaos in the bathroom at that exact moment, I pushed the thought aside and yelled for my husband to help me. He brought me clothes and helped me get cleaned up.
We called my doctor, who was obviously asleep, I felt a little guilty but I knew it was time. I called my sister to come get my older daughter. And we we’re out the door. The hospital is about fifteen minutes away. In those fifteen minutes, I had about five seriously horrible contractions that had me literally trying to crawl into my husband’s lap while he was driving!! I was delirious with pain. When got the nurse’s station at labor ans delivery, there was one man ahead of us. The check in clerk could see that I was in no position to answer any questions coherently, so she called the nurse to go ahead and get me to triage. My contractions were so intense that I could neither stand or sit . I was a mess. They finally got me into a wheel chair into triage where they were actually going to try to check my fluid to determine if my waters had indeed broken. She asked if the water was clear or not, I remember telling her that they were not and then that’s when I shouted that I need to push! So she got me up on the table and to check my cervix. She yelled another nurse to call my doctor asap! She said she would not tell me how far I was dilated because she didn’t want me to panic. I asked if I could still get my epidural and she laughed, said oh no, we were well past that point. So as they are wheeling me back to my labor and delivery suite, they’re shouting for a team, the on call doc just in case I need to start pushing before my doctor can make it. I don’t remember seeing my husband apparently he was running through the halls filing out my registration forms with the check in clerk lol!

So they get me on the bed in my suite and i’m still writhing in pain, I beg the nurse for something, anything. So she gets  my IV started and gives me a dose of Fentanyl and that stuff worked instantly! It took the edge off and I could concentrate! It made me high as a kite though, in between contractions, I was cracking jokes and laughing. But when the contractions hit, I was still very much overwhelmed by the pain but I could follow instructions when being told to push or not to push. I dilated to fully to ten and was being told not to push in order to allow my doctor time to get there. Finally at 6:30am on the dot, my doctor walks in and immediately gets into her gloves and mask and we’re ready to push. I think I pushed probably five or so times and at 6:39 Zara came into the world, crying and hollering. Dad cut the cord. There was meconium, she had had a bowel movement in utero, so there were some nurses from the NICU on stand-by to make sure she was ok. She had not ingested or inhaled any, so she was allowed stay with me and dad and not go to the NICU! We were happy. Dad got to hold her first, as per tradition, as he got to hold older sister Riley first in the NICU. My entire “Labor” from start to finish, was 2 hours and 39 minutes. That includes my adventures at the house, travel time and getting checked in at the hospital and the actual delivery. With my older daughter, the process was over nearly a month. Zara Olivia was born weighing in at 6 pounds and 13.7 ounces and 19.5 inches long. We’re learning to breastfeed and I think we’re getting a little better each session. It’s been the longest weekend of my life and I’m completely exhausted but I’m looking forward to my new normal with two children instead of one!


One thought on “Birth story #2: Zara Olivia O.

  1. Awwww, congratulations! I cannot believe how quick your delivery was! I guess baby was more than ready to come out into the world! 🙂 So precious!!

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