Ten Things Most People Don’t Know About Me

1. I love Star Trek Voyager. I have, can and will watch old reruns all day, everyday on Netflix. I became obsessed with the show after I had my daughter. She had been in the nicu and when she came home nursing took a lot longer for us. So I had hours and hours of sitting on the couch trying to find something to watch on TV. I had enjoyed Star Trek The Next Generation from back in the nineties and had already seen all of those episodes a few times, so when I saw the Voyager series on Netflix, I decided to check it out and was hooked. I had seen a few episodes back in the day but they didn’t stick back then. As a nursing mom, I was a captive audience! I’m #TeamJaneway for life now!


2. I read Little Women by Louisa May Alcott at least once a year, usually around the holidays. I’ve also seen all of those various movies. I think I must have read this book for the first time when I was about ten years old or so. I think this story appeals to me so much because my family has some similarities to the March family. We are a military family of all girls. The sisters are close but fight and make up just like me and my sisters. Growing up, sometimes, we only had each other for entertainment and socializing just like the March sisters. I look forward to introducing my girls to the story one and hope they enjoy it as much as I have.Little Women movie

3. I want to take a culinary arts course. I mostly want to learn pastries and knife skills! With a vegetarian husband, if I can find a way to quickly and efficiently chop veggies, that would be a lifesaver! And to be able to bake simple breads, dough, cookies and cakes without having to consult a cookbook would be awesome too.


4. I plan to become an IBCLE lactation consultant. I had a challenging time breastfeeding my daughter ( https://siennasista.wordpress.com/2014/07/21/my-breastfeeding-story/ ), who was a preemie ( https://siennasista.wordpress.com/2011/12/04/my-birth-story-riley-irie-o/ ). So I feel like my story could and would encourage other moms of preemies. Also, Breastfeeding rates are so low in the black community, my hope is that I can encourage more black women to breastfeed their babies. Our babies have much higher rates of illness that could be prevented or minimized if more mothers breastfed. There just are so many benefits of breastfeeding, I could and probably will write more about that one day soon.


5. I studied Cosmetology for three years in high school. I really never thought I’d be a hair stylist one day, it just seemed like a really cool elective. By the time I graduated, I had acquired all of the skills and could have sat for the state boards but that wasn’t my passion. I can perform the standard services but I lack the artistic ability to create beautiful cuts and styles. And I’m okay with that! Let those that love the craft do all of that creating.


6. I really, really love Ballet. Had I been exposed to it as a little girl, I probably would have danced. I think it is probably one of the most beautiful art forms. I think being able to leap and do a Grand Jete must be the closest thing to flying. And the spins, the tutus and the music…All things of beauty. I’ve never seen a ballet in real life, only TV. My hope is to be able to take my girls to see the Nutcracker Suite one day when they are old enough to appreciate.

black ballerina doll

7. I love horses. I will own a horse one day. Ideally, I would own a piece of property in the country with enough land for a stable and room to ride. Realistically though, I’ll probably pay for stabling and care on someone else’s horse ranch. But I will ride every week. Riding horses must feel like flying too.


8. As an adult, I have become so completely interesting in outer space and science. Neil deGrasse Tyson is my secret crush. I have learned more about outer space and space travel in the past five years than I ever did from primary school through college. And that’s a shame. Had an interest been peaked in me as a child, I might be an astronaut now. #S.T.EM.4GIRLS


9. I DO NOT LIKE BUTTERFLIES…. I must be the only girl who feels this way. Yes I can appreciate how pretty some wings are but to me their just ugly caterpillars with wings. They creep me out and I run from them when they get near me.


10. I have only seen a few tattoos that I felt were truly beautiful and worth being permanently etched into someone’s skin. To me, most of them just make the wearer look dirty. Artistically, I can appreciate the beautiful and time the artist put into the picture and it would be beautiful on some canvas but on your skin, it looks like a student art project. I want to take a wash cloth and scrub them away. I’m apologize if I’m hurting any friends or family members feelings. I know my opinion doesn’t matter because it’s your body to do with as you please. Unfortunately, you found out that I probably lied when I said I like your tattoo(s). I’ll continue to lie to spare your feelings.

bad tat


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