It’s about making memories with family and friends

When I think about how and why I’m interested in the types of things that I blog about, it always comes back to family and friends. I grew up in a large military family ( ), that usually means spending lots of time together with limited funds, so we had to be creative in how we entertained ourselves. And in my family of women, we entertained in the kitchen!

My parents are big time food people! My mom is a natural country southern cook. She tells stories about it being her responsibility to make bread for the family as a child. She made homemade buttermilk biscuits for breakfast and cornbread for dinner….every single day. To this day, she can make either without measuring or thinking about it and probably blind-folded lol. She has by the far the best cornbread and biscuits that I have ever eaten too. My mom also loves to try a new recipe. Whether dinner or dessert, she has hundreds upon hundred of recipes. There’s a huge bookcase in her kitchen filled with cookbooks. If you need a recipe for something, she’s either made it before or has a recipe for it. She was Google before Google and many times I’ll still consult her first before I hit Google up for a recipe. My dad is a professionally trained chef. He was a cook in the Army for 22 years. They sent him to culinary arts school to learn the skills that go beyond what they teach a typical army cook. So he earned the title CHEF.  But his mother was a great cook and he was the oldest of a dozen boys, so he certainly had some kitchen skills long before the Army. Between the two of them I have a wildly curious tongue.

Another thing that I’ve developed as the result of being the baby of five girls is a love for all things girly, like clothes, fashion and beauty.  Mostly clothes though. Beautiful clothes. With money being tight, I got a lot of hand me downs. And I was tiny, so those clothes usually had to be taken in. My mom was pretty handy with a sewing machine.  She also crocheted and dabbled in other hand crafts and quilts. I definitely get my craftiness from her. And I remember making my own Barbie clothes, by hand of course, as early as 7 years old. I was probably 10 before I ever used the sewing machine. By middle school, I was taking Home-Ec every year that I could. I learned to both follow a recipe and follow a dress pattern.

Many years, growing up, my mom was a stay at home mom as well. As a military wife, moving every few years, having a career or consistent work was rare. So sometimes she was home and sometimes she’d have a job. They were never glamorous jobs, just a jobs to bring in additional income. With five children, her main job was definitely MOM and she is the best ever. We were not catered to at all though. We cooked, we cleaned, did laundry, etc. She was more of a manager! The older you got, the more responsibility you were given. My mom is by far the most influential person in my life and I constantly look to her for tips and guidance on life, love, babies, food, crafting, etc. She is the reason family and friends is so important and influential in my life.


4 thoughts on “It’s about making memories with family and friends

  1. What a sweet post! Aside from making me hungry, ;P I love how you communicate the love you have for your family! God bless all mothers and fathers who sacrifice so much for their children. Very inspiring post! ❤
    Coming from Alex's Challenge 😉 xx

  2. I agree with Carmen,
    Now I have to raid my kitchen and make biscuits!
    I recently just became a mom, and I hope my daughter is inspired by me like you are with your mom. She sounds awesome.

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