30 minutes or less…Pizza

Anybody that knows me well, knows that Pizza is one of my favorite foods. I don’t care if it’s cheap, gourmet,image

homemade, frozen or delivery ….I haven’t met a pizza I didn’t like. (Minus the 7 months of pregnancy when pizza, even the sight or smell, was absolutely unbearable …but that’s another blog). I especially like to make my own pizza. When I make my own, I can control the toppings! And who doesn’t like to be in control! So in the past I’ve attempted crusts made completely from scratch …. and it’s not that big of a deal but who has the time. Pizza is a supposed to be quick and fun, so I use Kroger store brand crust and their sauce. (I hate making any sauce from scratch —I’m no Julia Childs.) I also use Kroger brand shredded cheese, either pizza blend or pure mozzarella ( I find that the blend is better, less greasy ). Today I topped my pizza with red and green bell peppers, onion and tomato. My hubby is vegetarian, soooooo I am too….reluctantly because who wants to cook two separate meals all of the time?? Not me, so I simple eat far less meat then I used too.
Anyway back to the recipe :
1 Kroger brand pizza crust package. 45 cents
1 Kroger brand jar of pizza sauce $1
1 Kroger brand package of shredded cheese $2.25
1 each red and green bell peppers
1 each tomato and yellow onion
I only used like a 25% of the peppers and onion, half of the tomato. Save the rest for a salad, which is always an excellent side to pizza.
Follow the instructions on the package for the pizza crust. I prefer the method
for a crisper crust. I use half a jar of sauce and all of the cheese. I layer the toppings on top of the sauce but beneath the cheese. I bake until cheese is melted and bubbly with some browning to the crust. Usually about 10 minutes. Serve it Hot!!image


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