My Birth Story- Riley Irie O.

My water broke on November 7 while I was taking a nap. I was 25weeks 3 days gestation. My original EDD (Estimated Due Date) was February 17, 2012. I woke to go pee and when I wiped, there was a thick gel like discharge. It was clear but there was a lot of it. So I went back to my bed to lay down and call my doctor. While I scrolling through my phone to find the number, I sat up to sneeze. With that sneeze fluid shot out of me and all over my mattress. It wasn’t pee LOL! So of course I panicked, called my doctor’s office. It was after hours, so the answering service paged her but the lady who answered said be prepared to go to labor and delivery. I called my husband, he could hear in my voice that something was wrong. I told him that I needed to go to the hospital because I pouring liquid at that point. All the while I was talking on the phone I made way to the bathroom where fluid was literally streaming down legs. I was terrified. So my husband was like I’m on my way but I’m on the other side of town. So we called a neighbor that could get me there quicker and he met us up there. It seemed to take forever for the nurse to take me to triage. I imagine that they thought I was just another mom that had peed on herself. So when she finally got me to triage, She took me in the bathroom and was going to use one of those strips to test the fluid that was on my pad. When I pulled up my sweatshirt and she saw that the front of my jeans was soaked, my panties were soaked and my pad was a lost cause ….She said get undressed, I’m getting you a bed, your not going home tonight. So my husband came into the bathroom with a hospital gown, that diaper-ish pad and mesh panties that the nurse had given him. I changed and after what seemed like eternity, they rolled me to my room. Once in the room, people came out of everywhere!! There were nurses getting me into bed, another setting up my IV, another taking vitals. One was giving me my steroid shot (for the baby’s lungs). They hooked me up to monitors to monitor the baby’s heart and monitor contractions. ( I never had any that I could feel until the night I went into labor)  A lab tech came to take blood for tests. Finally, everyone cleared out and my nurse took my assessment. Explained to me what would happen over the next 24. Basically, I was told that my water had indeed broken, that an ultrasound tech was on the way to do an ultrasound to check on baby and her fluid level. The ultrasound was completed and while the tach would not tell me anything, she said my doctor would explain everything, I could look at the ultrasound and see that while my babygirl looked good, she had very, very little fluid around her. I had been seeing a perinatologist because I am AMA (advanced maternal age), so they had done a series of ultrasound and I had become pretty familiar with what my uterus and baby looked like.

Anyway, that was probably the longest night of my life, waiting to talk to my doctor and to eat breakfast!! OMG I was so hungry. I hadn’t eaten since around lunch, laid down to take a nap in the afternoon. Woke around 5, before I could dinner, I was headed to the hospital. My husband and his mom had brought me food to the hospital, but I was too nervous to eat. Let me tell, breakfast that next morning was like gourmet, it was good to me!! It was never that good again lol!

So when my doctor comes to see me that morning, she explained that I had PROM (premature rupture of membranes) and that I had lost a lot of fluid, but despite that babygirl was doing really wall. She explained that most of the time the fluid will build back up, especially if I stay hydrated and stay off my feet. She said that they were going to keep in the hospital until I delivered. If labor started on its own, that they wouldn’t stop but that they are not going to induce. But if I contacted an infection and ran a fever that they would have to take her by c-section. Best case scenario, I would be in the hospital for several weeks, they want to see me reach 30+ weeks gestation. So my husband I prepare for the long haul. I got settled in my room.

At 28weeks 6 days, after 24 days in the hospital, early in the morning, 1am, on December 1st, 2011 I started having contractions. The came on hard and fast. From the very first one, they came every five minutes or less. At first, I don’t think the nurse believed I was in real labor. Hell I didn’t believe I was really in real labor myself lol. But that pain was real and my nurse called my doctor around 3am and was told to give me something for pain if I wanted it because I would need my rest for later. At first I didn’t want anything (I wanted to go natural with out any pain intervention, HA!) but after that first thirty minutes or so, I knew I wanted and epidural before it was all over. So I took the pain medicine. It worked for about an hour. I was able to sleep for a bit but the contractions started again and woke me up. Over the course of my labor I believe they tried three different pain meds with me, none really work. In the morning my midwife came to see me, she checked my cervice and I had dilated only 1cm but my cervix was completely effaced. She said that because my baby is small, that I needed to be watched carefully because I wouldn’t need to get to 10cm before she would come. So I continued to labor over the rest of the morning. After lunch, my nurse check me again and I was three cm. She had me sign the consent for the epidural at that time. Around 1pm, I started calling family to let them know that I was in labor. Two of my sisters came to support me and my husband. Around 2:30 I got my wonderful, blessed, epidural. I asked the guy if he was married and if he wasn’t did he want a wife, lol!! Yes my husband was in the room.  Once my epidural was in, my nurse check me again. She wasn’t able to get a measurement on cervix, because she could feel my baby’s head! She ran to call my doctor. By 3pm, my doctor, nurse, and all six or so members of the NICU special squad were in the room waiting on little Riley to make her debut! I had my baby within five contractions @ 3:23pm. On that 4th contraction, when just her head was out, she had her eyes wide open,  looking around!! It was amazing. On the last push, when she came out, she cried a little and I feel completely in love. I cried so hard from relief that she was ok and looked good and healthy! I’m tearing up now thinking about it as I write this. She weighed 2lbs, as wa 15.5 inches long. Head full of curly jet black hair. She’s absolutely beautiful!

They took her to the NICU, where she was only on the ventilator long enough for them to administer meds to her lungs. She was breathing on her own from day one. She went on the C-pap machine for a few hours the next day but has been breathing her own since then. She’s a very mature 29 weeker, according to her nicu nurses. She doesn’t like swaddling at all, she prefers to lay with her arms and legs splayed out LOL! It’s so cute. So for the most part, the let her lay however is comfortable and keeps her calm. Her vital signs are always good. I know she will be well enough to go home in no time.



8 thoughts on “My Birth Story- Riley Irie O.

  1. I had total goosebumps reading your story. So scary but YOU DID SO GOOD! You got Riley past the 28 week mark by a mile. Very, very hard work! I am so happy you had such a good outcome. She is beautiful!

  2. My heart ached, as I read about Riley’s debut.Congratulations!!! Quick tip?: As a proud mom of 5, 2 of them are preemies…hold onto those moments that left you breathless before & after she arrived.They’re the ones that’ll keep you grounded (I mean sane) as she gets into stuff. Ahem!I mean older. LOL.Stay blessed & again congratulations.She’s absolutely adorable.Oh, P.S. I happened upon
    your blog through the means of
    crochet… you can friend me on
    Facebook (Dee Likeideverleavehim
    Gonzalez) to see all of my
    accomplishments (some original,
    some altered, some created by
    someone else- but made by me).Ttys, hopefully.

    • Thanks for taking the time to read my story!! And thanks for the advice and encouragement, it means a lot. I’m looking for you on fb now…

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