Celebrating 4 years Loc’d!!

Last Friday I celebrated 4 years Loc’d! Woohoo! Yay! So I was supposed to deep shampoo, condition and try out a new style on or before my anniversary but considering how exhausting growing a baby can be….I totally didn’t feel like it. (I’m six months pregnant now!)  So fast forward to today!! I shampooed my locs and deep conditioned with my KimmayTube’s leave-in conditioner. I was going to try a style that I watch Chescaleigh of Chescalocs Youtube channel did as a tutorial a few weeks ago. Its kinda like the pipe cleaner style but with out the pipe cleaners. Instead of pipe cleaners, you take a few locs and twist them together tight enough that they begin to twist back onto themselves. I’ll place a link to video here. I am too tired to hold my arms up long enough to complete the entire style, so I’m just going to do the initial twists, and not wrap locs like spirals around those initial twists. I will reveal results tomorrow! Before pictures below! Enjoy! Ask questions! Leave comments!



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