Wow its been a long time!

So I’ve been away because I started a new blog that’s all about ……….(drum roll please) MY PREGNANCY!!  I’m twelve weeks pregnant and have been blogging about that everyday on a private blog that I’m not sure I want to share yet. It’s super personal.
Anyway, my hair and nails are growing like crazy of course and today. I painted my lovely long nails with crackle nail polish and it’s turn out wonderful. I’ve been trying the marbling technique but it ain’t working so while for me. When I perfect that, I’ll post it. I have pictures below please forgive my coloring outside the lines. I’ll clean that up, I was anxious to post this blog.
I use O.P.I white shatter NL E54 ($6.99 from beauty supply) , L.A. COLORS color craze royal blue BCC 566 ($1 from Family Dollar)  and NK blue diamond top coat (old polish I’ve had forever, don’t even remember when or where I bought it LOL). Enjoy and comments or ask questions!



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