KimmayTube’s leave-in conditioner treatment

I finally got all of my packages in the mail for the leave-in conditioner.
I doubled the recipe because I knew I would need far more to get down into each loc.
The original recipe is available on her YouTube channel.
I opted to use Giovanni’s Direct leave-in conditioner because it was less expensive and Kinky Curly Knot Today doesn’t deliver to PO Boxes. I also didn’t use whole leaf aloe Vera juice but I don’t if it makes a difference or not. I believe any jojoba and castor oils will do as long as they’re pure.
I shampooed my hair really well ( it had been a few weeks, forgive me, been summer time lazy) then wrapped a towel around it to stop the drip, but not to dry. While the hair was still wet, I applied the conditioner to my entire head in sections. I typically section my hair into six sections, three on each side, to make it more manageable. I applied the product from root to tip, ensuring to saturate each loc, especially the ends. My ends tends to be the most dry and brittle. Now I’m letting my hair air dry as usual. I’ll follow up in a few days and let you know how it’s doing. So far it feels pretty good, smells good. Looks thicker and fuller as it typically does while it’s wet. I want to see if it remains that way once it’s truly dry.



2 thoughts on “KimmayTube’s leave-in conditioner treatment

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