So preoccupied ….

So I’ve been neglecting my blog. I’ve been a little preoccupied with some things going on in my personal life. Nothing bad, of course, I still have no job but that’s okay because I have some other things in the works. I have been cranking out my scarf and hat sets for the cold weather season. I’ve been brainstorming about a potential business venture with my best friend and that’s been exciting. And finally …..well when the time comes, I’ll talk all about that.

Anyway, my vegetarianism has taken a turn for the worst. I’m eating small amounts of meat a couple of times a week. My husband’s cool with it though, he’s very understanding and still very much a vegetarian.

My hair is growing super fast, I literally just tightened my locs about three weeks ago and I swear I look like a wooly mammoth already. I’m not touching it until July, I will not be a slave to manicured locs. I’m not saying I’m gonna free-form, I just don’t have the time and energy to be playing in my head constantly. Plus, I’m considering trying to palm roll, so I gotta grow out the roots a bit.
All in all life is good right now. I’m going to do a blog about KimmayTube’s leave-in conditioner when all of my goodies arrive in the mail! I’m excited about that because my locs have been super dry lately.
Anyway, I’ll be back next week!


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