Proverbs 31:18

So I’m creating my inventory for the winter and holiday season. I’m crocheting matching hat and scarf sets. I plan to make them in every color that I can get my hands on!! All of the colors are so beautiful and vibrant. I especially favor the jewel tones and the neutrals. I know it seems early but all crafts makers know that you start you winter projects by June and I’ve been at it for a few months now. Slowly at first but now I’m picking up speed. I’d like to produce two sets per day. Right now I’m able to get one set done over 24 hours. I estimate that it takes between 4½-5½ hours to complete each set. But of course when you add the distractions of everyday life,  its easy to see how it can take all day to complete a project.
Right now I have nine sets done but I plan to add more colors and increase stock on the more popular colors.
So have a look at what I have so far and start thinking about your holiday shopping list, after all there’s only 195 days left til Christmas! 🙂



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