Death of loc

I just lost one of my locs… :-(. I have Sisterlocks and this was one of my super thin locs that I tried to save by combining it with another stronger loc—- obviously, it didn’t work. I’m loving the length of my locs right now but I’m really concerned about the size, width wise.
I have a friend whose locs I started nearly two years ago. We started them using the interlocking method (generic Sisterlocks). Her hair is a loose curly, not kinky coily like mine. Her locs aren’t progressing as quickly as she’d like, so we’ve switched our technique. We began palm rolling or coiling her locs. Her hair responded super well!!! We let her new growth grow much thicker than usual, so that we’d have enough to work with and it turned out really well. I am concerned that with her soft texture that the coils will unravel and come undone. Having locs is more than a hairstyle, its a lifestyle. A test of patience and learning to roll with punches. Embracing what God gave you to work with.
That being said, I’m beginning to question the type of locs that I have. My hair texture responds great to the interlocking technique, but many of them are very thin and probably as weak as the one I lost today. Its not the first loc I’ve lost. I lost a couple in the very beginning and have since lost a few because they were too tangled or knotted and had to be cut.
Anyway, I might let my new growth grow out a bit and trying coil/palm rolling. I don’t know, maybe I won’t. Maybe when this set of locs have gone as far as they’ll go, I start a new set and palm roll them. Either way, we’ll see…..
Btw I really need to start taking pictures of my clients’ hair.



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