My Favorite Wedding Movies….

I love wedding movies as much as I love weddings and here’s my list of favorites, that I’ve seen so far…..I plan to see Bridesmaids and Jumping the Broom in the coming weeks. In the meanwhile, these are always on standby for my DVD player on days when the cable is out.

My Best Friend’s Wedding…..”From the moment I wake up……”

My Best Friend's Wedding

27 Dresses….Make ’em wear the same monstrosities that they made you wear LOL!!

27 Dresses

Brides Wars…. C’Mon Kate+Anne=Pure Comedy!!!

Bride Wars

The Wedding Planner….J-Lo’s best non-musical role!!

The Wedding Planner

The Best Man…Hello?!?! I’m Black!! We all love that movie!!!

The Best Man

The Wood…. See The Best Man…

The Wood

My Big Fat Greek Wedding….Windex really is the sh*t..

My Big Greek Wedding

Runaway Bride….He finally turned his ho into his housewife….after chasing her down!!

Runaway Bride

American Wedding…. Pubic Hair Everywhere :-/

American Wedding

The wedding Singer….All that 80’s-ness!!!

The Wedding Singer

Wedding Crashers…..Hilarious!!

Wedding Crashers


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