The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

The wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, was absolutely beautiful and it was totally worth staying up all night to witnesses. Princess Catherine’s (we can’t call her Kate anymore …) dress was absolutely gorgeous! It was simple yet stunning. And her maid of honor’s (sister, Pipa) dress was beautiful as well, it could stand on it’s own as a beautiful wedding gown….for a commoner 🙂 Both Princes, William and Harry were very handsome and regal in their military uniforms. Even the queen looked sharp in her pastel yellow suit and and hat. And speaking of hats, Prince Andrew’s daughters (William’s first cousins) had the best hats of the day, in my opinion!!
It has truly been exciting and wonderful to witness history in the making ….as I was only four when Prince Charles and Princess Diana were marriage, so I have no memories of the original day but I have seen so much footage of the day. And speaking of Diana, I know she’s beaming with pride at her son and his new bride. She would have only been 49 years old, too young to be a grandmother yet….. :-).
I think Princess Diana’s experience will stand as a teaching example for Princess Catherine as she undertakes this  daunting task as she transitions from commoner to royal. Plus, She has the support of a more modern royal family and she’s a bit older than Princess Diana was she became a princess. Also, I think the press and the paparazzi will be more respectful of boundaries this time.
The vows that Prince William and Princess Catherine took today were nearly the same as the ones that my husband and I took on 10/10/10, so my wishes for their marriage are nearly the same for mine…..
I wish them blessings, happiness, privacy and healthy children!


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