Unemployed & uninsured: E.R. adventures and pharmacy fiasco

So yesterday afternoon I woke up with a raging sore throat. I had some water, blamed it on allergies and went about my day. By 10 o’clock, my throat was raging again, so I had some herbal tea and veggie sub. By 11 o’clock, I began to feel extremely cold and was shivering. I was feeling pretty bad and knew I had a fever, so I had a shower and laid down to sleep. I woke up about 3am, ice cold and drench in sweat. I took my temperature and it was 103.4, my husband suggested going to the E.R.
I was like, noooooo and I took his temperature to be sure the thermometer was working right. (My thermometer is near twenty years old LOL!) And his temperature was normal. So I took another shower, took my temperature again and it was still 103.4. So I called the E.R. at my local hospital to be sure they’d see me without insurance or cash. They would and encouraged me to come be checked out.
So I get bundled up and head to the hospital. In triage, they confirm my 103 temperature after checking with two different thermometers. (They were in disbelief like me and gave me three tylenols) pleasantly surprising is that I was at the hospital less than an hour. When was called back to an examination room, the medical professional (not a doctor or a nurse, maybe a PA??? NP?) Spent a total of three minutes looking me over. He confirmed with me about my throat. Checked my E.N.T., felt my lymphnoids around my throat, told me he’d be treating me for strep with a prescription of amoxicillin! I’M ALLERGIC TO AMOXICILLIN!!!! It’s in my records, it was prominently noted on my chart,  and on my wrist was a HUGE RED ALLERGY ALERT ARM BAND given to me in triage!!!!
My husband and I were both like “dude she’s / I’m allergic!! ” simultaneously!! It was kinda funny but I was instantly pissed because it’s clearly his job to notice $#*¡ like this…
Anyway, they send me off without taking a throat culture to confirm strep, btw my throat wasn’t hurting so bad by then….
I’m given two prescriptions, one for zythromycin and one for hydrocodone (Yeah they give out this controlled substance like candy Wtf???)
Its too early to get the scripts filled, so I go home and go to bed. When I wake up, I start calling around to price the antibiotics. I’d heard that Publix had free antibiotics and they do…..not azythromycin though. I was quoted $48!!!! Mind blowing!!!! So I try Kroger’s, she tells me $46 but that it’s totally worth it!!!! I’m was like, “yeah I’m sure, IF I COULD AFFORD IT!!!!” Finally, I call Walmart because they’re supposed to have the best prices in town. $27, I was getting better! Meanwhile, I’d been on the phone with two of my sisters trying to figure if actually needed that particular Med or if they had some cheaper alternatives in their medicine cabinets. Nothing they had was comparable. Finally, one of sister (She works with an oncology practice) said to check the price at a small mom and pop pharmacy, that they usually could offer a super low price and she was ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!! They filled both scripts for $21 total!!! $12.95 for the antibiotics!! 75% cheaper than Publix!!! I’m so excited, I wanna shout it from the rooftops!! Stop supporting these huge overpriced corporation pharmacies!!! Support local mom and pop pharmacies!!
From now on I’ll be using Christian’s Pharmacy in Forest Park, GA!
They have the best prices and excellent customer service. Warm friendly down home folk!!!



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