The Day After….

Clearly the butt workout is a beast!! My thighs have been hurting since this time last night. I can barely walk up and down stairs. Standing after sitting is torture and sitting back down is just as bad…..BUT THAT MEANS IT’S WORKING! 🙂
The arms workout, for me, will probably be better if I increase my weights. I definitely need something heavier than cans of veggies LOL! So when I get some $$$, I’ll buy some real hand weights. But I do feel a little soreness in my arms and chest.
Unfortunately, I must have done each abs exercise WRONG!!!! because I’m not feeling any soreness at all in my abs. So I guess I need to find a way to learn to do the crunches better. Or go with traditional situps, which always get the job done. I don’t know, I’ll figure something out. Either way, I feel like the app, if performed correctly, will be effective. I haven’t done workout yet for today (which is the middle of the night for me) but I intend to get it done.



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