Pretty Nails







I love when my nails grow out to a good length. I used to be a habitual nail bitter when I was a kid but when I was entering my early teens, I was told that guys didn’t like girls with ugly hands!! It worked and I stopped biting them LOL! Didn’t help me get any boyfriends though but that’s for another blog LMAO!!
Anyway, once I started growing my nails out I developed a love of nail polish and used to have dozens of bottles in every color. Well into my twenties, I used to do my nails several times a week. Then I started getting acrylics and they damaged my nails fairly bad so after about two years I stopped that all together. 
Life got busy and I stopped having the time to devote to manicures, and I mostly wear my nails natural or clear polish. But whenever spring time rolls around I get excited about wearing sandals and having my toes polished and with toenail polish, you gotta have matching fingernails!! So I’ve painted my nails for the first time this season and because I’m not working, I’m looking forward to trying lots of great colors. I saw a YouTube video of a xxtheislandbeautyxx doing her own designs with a stamping set and I want to try that…..
Anyway, my nails have been painted with NK nail enamel color #030 Plum Shimmer. I think I bought it at a beauty supply store. Its old, I don’t remember 🙂
I’ve been eyeing some pretty bright colors and plan on trying them all!


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