Free music!!!


I’m blessed and fortunate to have the pleasure of being exposed to tons of free live music!! For those who don’t know, I’m married to Sylvester “Cutzooband” Ogletree, the flyest drummer you’ll ever meet. And he’s constantly taking me on musical adventures and I love it!! I love him too ;-D
There’s just some songs that just have to be heard live :
Tell me something good – Chaka Khan and Rufus
This song is just Soooo phunkee! !! Makes u feel some kinda way!
So we went to a rehearsal that he had and it was like being at a live show for free. I really need to start recording and documenting these memories. Sometimes when a group of kindred musicians get together its like seeing music be made from magic. Its truly a spiritual experience to watch them create something so wonderful. I’m always humbled by the talent the my husband and his colleagues possess. I used to be a little jealous but I’ve come to realize that while they have these abilities to do this thing that I can’t, that I have my own beautiful gift of creativity from God, that is unique to me. Anyway, that is all….


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